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We wanted to share some information on our Active Paws dogs with you. Our dogs are ‘employed’ by Active Paws in a variety of roles.
Hector is Jennie’s fabulous 10 year old rehomed Spanish Water Dog. He came to Jennie as dog aggressive but in actual fact was confused and poorly socialised, but super clever chap. Under Ainsley’s guidance, using a clicker to communicate with him when he was doing something Jennie was pleased with, he went from not being able to cope with dogs close to 
him to being in a room with 6 dogs in close proximity – all this within 6 months. Hector does love to communicate with his people (for communicate read bark!!!) but he has a huge love for life and does everything asked of him with 150% effort! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him!  His main job is to help handlers refine their handling skills.  You have to get it right with him and that makes for a good trainer!!!  All our team have had to work with him so they can train others well!
Favourite activity: Anything involving a tennis ball but water with a ball and he is in heaven!
Posie came into Jennie's life to help her after the sudden loss of Honey.  She is a gentle spaniel who didn't know much about being a pet dog when she first arrived.  With pharmacological support and love she has turned into a very generous girl who helps all our puppy clients learn how to meet adult dogs appropriately.  We are very blessed to have her.
Favourite activity: Using that amazing nose of her to find anything and everything, and sleeping under the duvet!!!
Wispa is our Active Paws poster girl! A 6 year old Wheaten Terrier, she has been working with Ainsley for 4 years helping dogs that aren’t confident around other dogs and helping dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs be able to cope arounds dogs.  She can struggle with some dogs herself at times but she loves to work with Ainsley.  Trick training is her favourite!!!
Favourite activity: Running in the woods chasing squirrels and rabbits!
Opie is a 3 year old Spanish Water Dog.  He has a calm temperament but has, sadly suffered from fits.  Ainsley has managed these with food and retraining and he has been fit-free for a year now.  Trying to help Opie without drugs has meant Ainsley has done additional research on food, exercise, blood sugar – it has certainly kept her busy.  He has a great nose and loves his scent work.  BUT the thing he loves most in the world is his Kong dummy!
Favourite activity: Swimming to retrieving his dummy!
Rafa is the youngest member of the team!  He is also a Spanish Water dog and his colour and gender are specific to ensure he can do his job – he will also be kept entire for several years to come and black, hairy, entire males are often the hardest for dogs who struggle with other dogs.  His job is to help Ainsley work with dogs that react to dogs.  So far he is loving working, but does make us laugh on a daily basis with his antics!  Having a puppy again has made us aware of how important those early months are and have resulted in a new course being written by Ainsley for puppies – Puppy Improvers!  Nothing like living it again to help us help you!
Favourite activity: Boinging!!!! and being charming!
Chester is the newest member of the Active Paws Dog team.  He is a beautiful English Springer Spaniel who came to Maria at 4 years old.  He found himself in rescue through no fault of his own.  He struggles with shadows and light BUT he is amazing with dogs and meeting dogs.  He loves his nose and Maria is having great fun teaching him scentwork and tracking.
Favourite activity: Using his nose! AND playing Mousey, Mousey!
Other dogs that Active Paws are proud to have supporting us:
Fig is a 7 year old labradoodle, owned by Ainsley and Jennie’s great friend and supporter, Ruth. Fig is a gentle giant and works with Ainsley with reactive dogs. She loves her TD Rally but her biggest love is food!!!
Favourite activity: Looking for food!
Gone but not forgotten!

Treacle was Ainsley's little old lady Tibetan Terrier who made it to the grand old age of 14½ years and left us in August 2017.  Being a guarding breed, she could be noisy but she was a sweet, independent little girl. She helped several children with a fear of dogs – success was clear with one who wanted Treacle to live with her by the end of the treatment!!! So, she did an important job even into her old age!

Favourite activity: Sleeping in the sunshine!

Honey was an amazing Labrador who was taken from us suddenly at the age of 10½. Honey was bred by Jennie but really struggled with life and, as she got to 6 years old, it was clear she needed help. The timing was such that Ainsley was able to do just that. Identifying that Honey was suffering from low serotonin (the calming brain chemical which controls mood and sleep), her diet was manipulated to naturally increase serotonin levels. Once achieved, we were then able to teach Honey coping strategies for the times she felt most anxious. Honey became so balanced that she was able to help Ainsley with her behaviour adjustment training with other dogs.  A truly special girl.

Favourite activity: Anything involving a tennis ball!

Wallace was a fabulous rescue German Shepherd Collie cross. He was an absolute gentleman – patient with puppies and dogs that need to learn good manners. With his owner, Kathryn, he worked with Ainsley to help dogs learn how to greet a dog and build their confidence around dogs. He was such a star in this area!
Favourite activity: Loves playing tug!
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reactive dog, training is kind and positive, come on leaps and bounds

Kathy & Jenry

Doing brilliantly, no barking or acting fearfully, working towards going to the pub

Marcus, Justine & Harley

Wonderful team, thank you for helping

Joy, Dan & Sash

Ainsley has superb knowledge, Active Paws carries our strongest endorsement, recommended

S Martin

my dogs love their courses


Fab facility, well set up, 1:1 support & classes made a huge difference, continue with classes

Vicky & Otto

fantastic puppy training course, we have loved it, brilliant tips, lovely warm people

Katie and Martha

A Different Max, less anxious, much happier, gained confidence and trust, overcome thanks to Ainsley

Dee And Bob Burgess

Thank you, learnt so much, happy dogs, puppy training

Kaye, Rosie & Harley

A much happier and less anxious lurcher, new dog, recommend Active Paws

Nicola & Simon

Family Rescue! Come a long way, pride, can't thank Active Paws enough


Canine Physio noticing calm, focus after training helping her exercises

Nycky Edleston


Caroline And Carla

myotherapy definitely working...improvement in gait...jumping in car,on to things...done the trick

Gaby & Bertie

GSD X Beagle rescue, numerous issues, help from Ainsley, improved from day 1, I know how to help him

Sharon Ritchie

informative, huge benefits to every day life, he loves it

Carol Street

I can really recommend this course and Ainsley to everyone.


Great venue - Great Trainers - What else do you need?!

Caroline Shelford

Lots of tools and tips...huge improvement in only a couple of months...we travel 1½ hours

Mark & Gareth

I thoroughly recommend this place!

Sue Lane

Wow, lovely people, great venue and super class

Paula Topping

Highly recommended.

Rob Staves

What a great place!!

Sue Barlow

Such a lovely time

Carol Anne Street

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