One to One



If you feel you need one to one training, please call us so we can discuss your needs and work out the best way forward for you and your dog.


If you would like to have additional personal support to use the equipment and don't feel a class environment is appropriate for your and/or your dog for whatever reason, please call us to discuss your needs and help make a plan you are comfortable with.
We are here to ensure you get the right help, at the right time.  Please call Jennie on 01865 400408 to discuss your requirements.
Our Courses


myotherapy definitely working...improvement in gait...jumping in car,on to things...done the trick

Gaby & Bertie

GSD X Beagle rescue, numerous issues, help from Ainsley, improved from day 1, I know how to help him

Sharon Ritchie

informative, huge benefits to every day life, he loves it

Carol Street

I can really recommend this course and Ainsley to everyone.


Great venue - Great Trainers - What else do you need?!

Caroline Shelford

Lots of tools and tips...huge improvement in only a couple of months...we travel 1½ hours

Mark & Gareth

I thoroughly recommend this place!

Sue Lane

Wow, lovely people, great venue and super class

Paula Topping

Highly recommended.

Rob Staves

What a great place!!

Sue Barlow

Such a lovely time

Carol Anne Street

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