Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which is the right class for me and my dog?
Don't worry.  Call Jennie and she will help you work out what is the best place for you to start and will get you on the right course.
Why would I use a treadmill for my dog?
A treadmill is usefull for:
- rehabilitation
- weight loss
- some dogs 'need a job' and they see the treadmill as just that, so it fulfills mental stimulation.  
However, it is not a replacement for going out for a walk which is so important for every dog to be able to do.
TD Rally
Why TD Rally?
TD Rally is fun obedience but is really useful for helping dogs to listen to their owners, learn self control and is mentally stimulating.  It works well with agility as it gives the self control and the ability to work with other dogs around.
How do I stop my dog being dominant?
Dominant behaviour can include guarding, biting and jumping.
The first thing is to look at it from your dog's point of view. That’s one of the key aspects of my approach as a dog behaviourist.  Why might your dog be doing what he/she is doing?
Dogs will do things that make them feel better. In order to change what your dog is doing, we need to work out how your dog is feeling when they behave inappropriately. We can then put some steps in place to make your dog feel safer and more confident, reducing those behaviours and replacing them with the behaviour you want to see. 
Does my dog have separation anxiety?
Different dogs show their anxiety in different ways, and to different degrees.  Not all dogs that bark or whine when you leave them are anxious.  The only way to know the extent of their anxiety is to leave a camera running to video their behaviour when you’re not around, or to get professional help to make the assessment. If you think your dog might have separation issues, consider the following: Does your dog:
- follow you around the house obsessively
- bite or snap at you, other members of the family, or other dogs or pets in the house
- bark, whine or be behave destructively when you're not home
- constantly whine at you for your attention
- bark at the door bell or people passing by
- growl or snap at visitors
- take you for a walk, by pulling on the lead
- chew the furniture
- toilet in the house
- eat the post
This is not an exhaustive list, but if you think that this might be the problem, then please contact us. Ainsley can help you in putting together a structured behaviour modification programme tailored to you and your dog.
How do I stop my dog pulling on a lead?
It is much easier to teach a puppy not to pull on the lead than to teach an older dog that has got into a bad habit.  However, the approach is the same with both - positive reinforcement, rewarding the behaviour you want to see.  With older dogs, the key is to break the habit. Training aids like the ‘gentle leader’ or 'easy walk' harness can help to speed up the learning process. 
What can I do about my dog barking at other dogs when on a lead?
The first step is to understand why your dog is barking. What is your dog feeling when he/she barks like that? Once Ainsley has helped work this out with you, she will put put together a behaviour adjustment programme which builds gradually outwards from your dog’s comfort zone. We start in the home, learning a new behaviour in an environment with limited stimulation, and slowly apply the new behaviour in more stimulating environments.
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reactive dog, training is kind and positive, come on leaps and bounds

Kathy & Jenry

Doing brilliantly, no barking or acting fearfully, working towards going to the pub

Marcus, Justine & Harley

Wonderful team, thank you for helping

Joy, Dan & Sash

Ainsley has superb knowledge, Active Paws carries our strongest endorsement, recommended

S Martin

my dogs love their courses


Fab facility, well set up, 1:1 support & classes made a huge difference, continue with classes

Vicky & Otto

fantastic puppy training course, we have loved it, brilliant tips, lovely warm people

Katie and Martha

A Different Max, less anxious, much happier, gained confidence and trust, overcome thanks to Ainsley

Dee And Bob Burgess

Thank you, learnt so much, happy dogs, puppy training

Kaye, Rosie & Harley

A much happier and less anxious lurcher, new dog, recommend Active Paws

Nicola & Simon

Family Rescue! Come a long way, pride, can't thank Active Paws enough


Canine Physio noticing calm, focus after training helping her exercises

Nycky Edleston


Caroline And Carla

myotherapy definitely working...improvement in gait...jumping in car,on to things...done the trick

Gaby & Bertie

GSD X Beagle rescue, numerous issues, help from Ainsley, improved from day 1, I know how to help him

Sharon Ritchie

informative, huge benefits to every day life, he loves it

Carol Street

I can really recommend this course and Ainsley to everyone.


Great venue - Great Trainers - What else do you need?!

Caroline Shelford

Lots of tools and tips...huge improvement in only a couple of months...we travel 1½ hours

Mark & Gareth

I thoroughly recommend this place!

Sue Lane

Wow, lovely people, great venue and super class

Paula Topping

Highly recommended.

Rob Staves

What a great place!!

Sue Barlow

Such a lovely time

Carol Anne Street

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