Agility Training

Our expert agility trainers are Graham and Gemma Tappin who have competed at National and European level.
Agility is a great activity to help with distance obedience like recall and working with you off lead.
They are running the following classes at Active Paws on Thursdays from 14th April.
Puppy Foundation Agility (from 8mths)
This is an 8 week course is designed to continue to build that all important relationship between you and your dog/puppy through the foundations of agility to set you up for a successful agility career.

Fun Agility 
This 8 week course is designed to give you a flavour of agility - learning about the equipment and beginning to progress key skills needed for agility.  
More about Gemma and Graham…
Gemma has lived with dogs from day 1 and has worked with dogs most of her life. She has worked at working gundog kennels in south Oxfordshire. Being involved in breeding training etc.  She has ring managed at several agility shows and has trained agility classes for over 7 years.  She also has set up and runs her own very successful grooming business in Didcot Oxfordshire.

Thanks to his parents Graham has been round agility most of his life.  He has competed in many junior competitions at Crufts and ring managed at many agility shows.  He competed in the Kennel Club Junior Organisation Dog of the Year and has participated in the Good Citizens demo at Crufts.  He is currently working towards his Kennel Club accreditation (watch the website for more on this as he progresses).  He has been training agility for over 7 years and, with Gemma, runs their own Kennel Club listed agility club.  They attend other training courses regularly to keep up to date.
And now for their dogs and achievements…
Zoe was Graham's 1st agility dog ( border collie)
- Won at her first ever show (grade 1)
- Won all the way up to grade 7 (advanced)
- Competed in championship classes 
- Won classes abroad (Ireland)
- Won jersey dog of the year 2009
- Competed in the Kennel Club British Open at the Kennel Club International Show several times. 

Mist is Graham’s 2nd agility dog (border collie)
Unfortunately she suffered torn ligaments in her back leg. 
Her achievements are:
- Moved up to Grade 4 (from starting at grade 3)
- Won Grade 4 jumping and agility 
- Now Grade 5 

TJ is Gemma's 1st agility dog (border collie)
Unfortunately TJ was diagnosis with hip dysplasia at a young age but still competes and enjoys any size (lower jumps) 

Skye is Gemma 2nd agility dog (a papillon)
Her achievements so far include:
- Won at her first show – a proud moment!
- Made the Dogs in Need Starters Final 
- Runner up in the Agility Club Starters Final 
- Kennel Club Novice Cup finalist 
- 3rd in the Pro Plan Dog of the Year Final 
- Irish dog of the Year 2010
- Team member of the Papillon Team at Crufts (7th place)
- Countless top 10 championship finals placings.
Faith is Gemma's 3rd agility dog (working cocker)
She is just a year old is due to start her agility career later this year. 
Our Courses


Family Rescue!


Canine Physio noticing calm, focus after training helping her exercises

Nycky Edleston


Caroline And Carla

myotherapy definitely working...improvement in gait...jumping in car,on to things...done the trick

Gaby & Bertie

GSD X Beagle rescue, numerous issues, help from Ainsley, improved from day 1, I know how to help him

Sharon Ritchie

informative, huge benefits to every day life, he loves it

Carol Street

I can really recommend this course and Ainsley to everyone.


Great venue - Great Trainers - What else do you need?!

Caroline Shelford

Lots of tools and tips...huge improvement in only a couple of months...we travel 1½ hours

Mark & Gareth

I thoroughly recommend this place!

Sue Lane

Wow, lovely people, great venue and super class

Paula Topping

Highly recommended.

Rob Staves

What a great place!!

Sue Barlow

Such a lovely time

Carol Anne Street

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