We, Ainsley and Jennie, are passionate about helping dogs to be the best they can be at whatever stage or age, whatever the background.
We set up Active Paws to provide the environment, services and equipment to offer all dog owners the opportunity to make this happen.
Julia Brown is part of our team, a COAPE qualified and certified behaviourist and trainer.
We have also teamed up with Nycky Edleston from Classic Physiotherapy to create a unique conditioning and stability training course.  Through our Physio referral programme - Fit for LIFE, owners can bring their dogs to work on prescribed exercises and equipment as set by Nycky to facilitate your dog's recovery and return to normal life.  For more about Nycky and Classic Physiotherapy please click here.
Pia Campbell and Jacqueline Newholm are our Galen Qualified Myotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.  For more information about treatments and our Balanced Dog exercise course please click here.  

A bit more about Ainsley and Jennie…

Ainsley is our Active Paws COAPE qualified and certified behaviourist and trainer and runs Dog Logic. She has 3 furries at the moment - Treacle, Wispa and Opie. After many years in hotels and events, she decided to combine her love for dogs with her interest in psychology and she is now in her final year (Year 3) of the regulated COAPE Higher Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Therapy.
Ainsley chose COAPE qualifications because they are the only regulated courses on offer in the UK and because they were aligned with her deep routed belief that animals have emotions. COAPE’s ethos and education courses start with the fundamental premise that the success of all mammals (and birds) is absolutely dependent on their emotional sensitivity. By understanding emotions, and interpreting how dogs feel when they display certain behaviours, Ainsley is able to help owners better understand how their dog is feeling and why, and then applies positive reward based training techniques to help turn challenging behaviours into more acceptable behaviours. In addition to this behaviourist approach, Ainsley delivers fun training classes like TD Rally, TD Scentwork, clicker training which are all about owners have fun with their dogs but which also results in underpinning obedience and every day polite behaviours - BONUS!!!
Jennie is the Active Paws Centre Manager. She has 2 furries - Hector and Posie – who go to work with her and ‘help’ in the office!
Jennie is an animal focused person. She has a deep passion for horses, dogs and cats. By the time Jennie was 10, she had convinced her parents (not previously animal people) to have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a horse. She has never looked back.

After her degree, Jennie had 3 amazing years in the Middle East, working for a Royal Family in the Gulf setting up a new stable complex. It is still going strong.

Jennie had an interlude of 15 years working with people - running her own pub (with her husband).  For the last 2 years, Jennie worked in a highly regarded cattery that cemented her desire to work with animals going forward. Jennie wanted a professional framework with learning and practical training to bring together her informal knowledge of animals, in particular dogs, and began her Canine Myotherapy diploma in July 2015.  She is hoping to complete this by the end of 2016 – fingers crossed!

The Active Paws Team

Julia joins our Active Paws team as another COAPE qualified and certified behaviourist and trainer currently completing her second year (Grade 4) of the regulated COAPE Higher Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Therapy.

She currently has four furries Chester, Harry, Basil and Honey and after taking on challenging rescue dog, Alvin a Shetland sheepdog, several years ago decided to further develop her love and interest in dogs by enrolling with COAPE to study on their higher diploma programme. Although her time with Alvin was cut short due to him having cancer, she has continued with her studies and given up her job of 15 years as an Estates Manager within the commercial property sector to concentrate on a new career in dog behaviour and training.
Jackie Braggs is another COAPE qualified behaviourist who fits in training dogs with a full-time job in the mobile phone industry.  She is a real cat person and is our cat behaviourist as well as dog training at the weekends.  She shares her life with 2 cats - Dylan and Casper - and 2 guinea pigs.
Maria joins the Active Paws team as our specialist in scentwork.  Having recently qualified as an Accredited Handler for TD Scentwork, she is more than qualified to deliver our Follow Your Nose classes.  She is also passionate about TD Rally and does both with her rescue Staffie, Chevy.  She has another dog in her life, the amazing Sparkle,
 a deaf staffie, who she brings to Agility but has also done TD Rally with her.  She is a part-time person to Sparkle who is under the care of the Deak Dog Network and is looking for her forever home.
Diane is a key member of our team.  She makes sure the office is well organised and keeps us in line as well as assisting in Puppy Classes.  She is a bit spaniel bonkers; she lives with 3 of them - Maddie, Duncan and Crumble.  She is a dog groomer and helps dogs who might have had a bad grooming experience in the past.
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myotherapy definitely working...improvement in gait...jumping in car,on to things...done the trick

Gaby & Bertie

GSD X Beagle rescue, numerous issues, help from Ainsley, improved from day 1, I know how to help him

Sharon Ritchie

informative, huge benefits to every day life, he loves it

Carol Street

I can really recommend this course and Ainsley to everyone.


Great venue - Great Trainers - What else do you need?!

Caroline Shelford

Lots of tools and tips...huge improvement in only a couple of months...we travel 1½ hours

Mark & Gareth

I thoroughly recommend this place!

Sue Lane

Wow, lovely people, great venue and super class

Paula Topping

Highly recommended.

Rob Staves

What a great place!!

Sue Barlow

Such a lovely time

Carol Anne Street

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